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Sam (The Wrong Rebound)

*In each blog post the person will be referred to as A- using Pretty Little Liars inspiration and giving complete ANONYMITY to the person in question*

Me and A will be the first ones to say that this relationship was a horrible weird mistake, we were POLAR opposites and I don’t even understand why we thought it would be a good idea, me and A have met up and laughed about it since so we’re both totally in the same boat on this one.

Me and A’s first date was to the sea side, to be fair it was a very chilled out casual date then the car broke down. It was a premonition of disaster. A sort of pathetic fallacy for the relationship. But we continued anyway, I think the thing was me and A knew it wasn’t going to last but we enjoyed having each other’s company for the time being, we were both lonely and just wanted to have someone to hang out with.

A was incredibly intelligent and spoke about a lot of things I didn’t really understand, A’s interests were things I didn’t find interesting AT ALL and I’d often find myself zoning out of conversations easily. Meeting A’s family, I couldn’t help but think if this was my future I certainly didn’t want it. A was a good person and he treat me well while we were together. We had some great times alongside the bad.

Alas, Me and A came to an end, we both knew it was just a bit weird, we didn’t have anything in common what so ever and that’s that really. A went on to find the girl of his dreams, they had everything in common, comic books, dungeons and dragons, it was a match made in heaven. A wasn’t for me and I knew that before it even started, but I found myself wanting to try something different as everything I’d had before hand had never worked out, a bad idea really, maybe stick to what you know…

What my Wrong Rebound Taught me

Trust Your Instincts: If you don’t think they’re right for you, you’re correct.

Try and take an interest in their hobbies: Even if you don’t find it interesting at all, you should make an active effort to take an interest in their hobbies. I tried really hard with A’s and I actually learnt a little bit about comic books too.

Be honest with your partner: If your partner is annoying you or they’ve done something to piss you off then tell them, it’s better to be open about it than sit there in awkward silence for ages…

Your friends know what they’re talking about so LISTEN: If your friends don’t think a guy is right for you and they’re actively against him, then listen. Your friends want the best for you, they know you better than you know yourself most of the time and they have your back even through your crazy stages.

Your sister is always right: A and my darling sibling despised each other, if your sibling doesn’t like your partner, then it’s not going to work out from the get go. Potentially if you stay with this person, they’re going to be family in the future and if they don’t get along you can say bye bye.

Don’t dive into a relationship too quickly: I got into this relationship way too quickly without even properly getting to know him. A had flaws which I didn’t find out until we were in the relationship, everyone can put up a front for a while, might as well be yourself from the start.

Don’t get into a relationship just because you’re lonely: This will lead to getting into a relationship with the wrong person, hence this relationship. I was lonely and needed someone, A was there and he was company enough, but I found myself a lot happier when the relationship ended.

Don’t stay with someone because you’ll feel bad if you end it: I felt really bad if I was to end it with A, I was miserable but A was a good person so I felt awful if I ended things. A hadn’t done anything wrong, I just wasn’t feeling it, so I did everything I could to get A to end it by being a total wanker. A FINALLY got the hint and ended it with me. Mission accomplished. I obviously would not advice this method to other people.

Me and A were completely wrong for each other and we don’t keep in touch anymore. There’s not really much point being friends or acquaintances with a person when you have nothing in common. I hope you’re good A, though I’m 1000% sure you probably don’t read my blog, oh well.

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