The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up| The History of Wrong Guys

George (The First)

*In each blog post the person will be referred to through A- Pretty Little Liars inspiration and giving complete ANONYMITY to the person in question*

A is one of my favorite people of all time and we still get on amazingly well. A’s name for the thread is VERY relevant as A is still the boy who will not grow up and it’s the best thing about him.

I met A at a party which I happened to be at with a bunch of people I didn’t know or talk to, I wasn’t having a great time and wanted to go home, I went to sit in the garden and bumped into A and his friends, we all ended up talking and we just clicked, like that. Instant connection with people who got me and I haven’t looked back. We all ended up becoming really close and spent most of our summer together in the park with bottles of caribbean twist. The good old days, sounds stupid but it was the summer of my life.

I can’t quite explain it but me and A just clicked, we liked each other a lot and it was obvious to everyone. We weren’t just ‘friends’, no matter how much we said we were to everyone else, I liked it just being us two, no-one else getting involved it was easy. We ended up hanging out one on one and we had a great time. After hanging out for a while we made it official, it was short but sweet, but it was always fun and we were constantly laughing together. It was never really serious though let’s be real. It’s not like we went on dates and were posting silly little pictures on instagram. Me and A spent most of our time together in secret, eating bacon sandwiches and playing GTA. I don’t think we ever took ourselves seriously as a ‘relationship’ but we cared about each other a lot.

A’s family were strange, I remember meeting them like once or twice? They were so alien to me and completely alien to what A was like too. He was this guy who played guitar and liked drinking beer in the park and his family were dressed in suits and working top jobs and focussed on money I guess. I can’t remember why me and A split up really, but I know got really nasty between us which was weird for me and him. We had our fair share of drama at the time which there’s no need to go into from what I remember but we actually ended up not talking for quite a bit of time which was horrible. It was like losing my right arm and the person who knew me best. We eventually made up and we haven’t looked back since, A’s still one of my closest friends to date and I’m so lucky to have him in my life still.

What The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up Taught Me

Always be with someone who respects you: A respected me, every single moment and always checked if things were okay before doing so, considering he acted like such a kid most of the time, when it came to our relationship he was always totally lovely and had a massive amount of respect towards me and my friends and family.

HAVE FUN ALWAYS: There was never a dull moment with A, we were always laughing and joking around, I enjoyed every minute, we’d even laugh after a silly arguments, he made me feel so great and I was always smiling when we were together.

Don’t hold a grudge: If either of us had held a grudge we wouldn’t be friends now. I couldn’t imagine my life without A in it. There’s no point holding a grudge against people, it’s just an unnecessary waste of time and energy. If you got on once, I’m sure you can get back to where you used to be again.

A is an amazing person and I haven’t seen him in BLOODY ages, I miss him! Like I said I couldn’t imagine life without him, he’s one of the most loyal, funny people ever and he’s just an awesome mate.


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