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Admittedly I probably left everyone in a bit of suspense with my last post and wondering what the heck was going on in my life. I’m fine I promise. It was the tip of the iceberg rock bottom point from which I’ve picked myself up, dusted myself off and I’ve carried on getting through my crazy manic life.

I haven’t blogged in a really long time because I’ve felt a bit lost with all of it, where I want to go with it, what the heck am I blogging about anymore and did I even want to carry on writing? Writing has always been a bit of an escape for me and I just have phases where I lose it for a bit. I think we all do really, I notice a lot of bloggers writing about how they don’t have any motivation to write and I totally relate. I do have a lot to write about really and it’s 2019 so I better catch up and pick up where I left off.

So Hello again. Here I am. Refreshed and ready to write about so many things! May as well start with my resolutions. I acheived most of last years actually, minus stop spending money on food looking back that was never going to happen. I also wanted to go to the gym three times a week, lol. I also tried to go vegetarian, which DIDN’T happen for longer than two weeks! I planned my resolutions with my sibling this year, we decided to settle on five realistic goals each which we each wanted to achieve in 2019, so here are mine.

  1. Become more financially stable- especially focussing on getting out of my overdraft by the end of my second year at university as this is a realistic amount of time to complete this goal in. I want to limit my spending on materialistic items and food (I can’t and will never stop doing this all together!)
  2. Get an overall 2:1 at the end of my second year- I REALLY want to achieve this goal. I’d love to get a 1st but I think it’s quite an ambitious goal considering the units I’m being marked on! I really want to do well this year as second year counts towards your final grade!
  3. Pass my theory test by the end of 2019- I would say be on the road and driving but realistically with my current financial situation this is HIGHLY unlikely. I did start driving lessons last year and I found I was pretty good at it! I just don’t have £50 a week to spend on lessons, so passing my theory test is something I can definately do. I have the apps to study on my phone so best get started on that!
  4. Have successful professional panel auditions- 2019 marks my third and final year at university, time has absolutely flown and it’s absolutely terrifying knowing by the end of this year I would have finished my agent panels and also a number of drama school auditions! WOW I can’t believe it’s come around so quick! My aim is to get good feedback in these auditions and if I was lucky enough to come out with any offers then that would be even more incredible.
  5. PAMPER MYSELF!- So I definitely want to make sure I’m looking after myself a lot more than I currently do, making sure I regularly make myself feel fabulous whether that be by having a long bath, getting my nails done, brows did and lashes done or even just treating myself to a new outfit or snuggling up with a book and some hot chocolate for a night! I want to be the best version of myself all the time and I feel the best when I feel good about myself! 2019 is the year of the glo up and some serious self love.

Right, so that’s it, I have an essay due so until that’s done no more distractions! I’ll be back soon with more posts! But until then… See ya later!

Soph X




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