About Me

You know in Camp Rock when Nick Jonas sings ‘Introducing Me’ to his love interest and basically tells her a little bit too much about himself? That’s kind of what this is, but in a blog post rather than a song, I couldn’t write a song for shit to be honest.

My blog has been running for nearly four years now and I plan to run it for a lot longer yet. Blogging became a passion of mine slowly but surely, but I started writing on a whim, I was inspired by my lovely friend Ariana Lambert who ran ‘Diary of an Auditionee.’ I thought it would be a good way to track progress for family and friends on how I’m doing in life and during my auditions, I eventually started writing theatre reviews, then soon after was being invited to regular press nights and events in the midlands. Two and a half years later, I’ve broadened my horizons and have moved on to both theatre and lifestyle blogging and here I am.

In all the time I’ve been writing on this blog, I’ve never really taken a moment to introduce myself to the blogging world or the readers of my website. So here goes…

I’m Sophia Amy Evans, 21 Years Old and an october Baby. I’m from the United Kingdom. Originally from Birmingham but I’m currently living in Colchester studying Musical Theatre at the University of Essex. I was on the Cheerleading Squad in my first year at uni called Essex Flames and I’m part of the POM team which is one of the four squads, two being stunt teams and the others being dance which is what I do.

My family life is like most really, parents split up and are much happier apart than they were together. My Mum and Stepdad live in Surrey where as my Dad lives in Birmingham where the majority of my family still are. My sister kind of floats between the two depending on where she’s working, she’s in her final year otherwise known as placement year at Central School of Speech and Drama where she’s studying Stage Management and she also runs a blog. I also have six dogs between both parents, my mum having our four fur babies, the Jack Russells known as Boo, Radley, Gatsby and Bronte and my dad having two English Bulldogs called Mabel and Gladys.


My favorite food of all time is Fajitas, I could literally eat them every day of the week and never get sick of them. I live off apple and blackcurrant squash (I hate any tap water unless it’s Birmingham water, it’s not the same I don’t care what anyone says!) My alcoholic beverage is a Rose Spritz, my absolute favorite is Echo Falls Summer Berries Rose, lord that stuff is good.

My favorite film of all time is ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton¬†as a successful 60-something and 50-something, who find love for each other in later life, despite being complete opposites. It’s just such a gorgeous film, makes me keel over laughing and has a fab soundtrack, I especially love the french music in the film. By the way, I’m going to go watch the film once I post this…

I’ve got an obsession with Primark, this isn’t even a joke. You have to admit their stuff is pretty damn good, the clothes, accessories, sleepwear, even the little section with all the bits and bobs like facemasks and makeup, THE HOMEWARES! Oh my god and the shoes. It’s more than likely that when I have a bit more money to my name I’ll be doing seasonal primark hauls for my fabulous blog, not that I’m a fashion expert at all because I’m really not, all my fashion advice comes from my best friend Kirsty who will end up being the next Anna Wintour of the world but ginger, she also looks like Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale but that’s another story. I can’t mention Kirsty without mentioning my other best friend Wesley who is literally my therapist and life guru and slays my life in every way. I love them both to death, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them.

I recently developed a very sudden case of wanderlust and I fully intend to explore as much of the world as I can. Hopefully I can do this once I graduate, I’d love to work either as a Cruise Ship Entertainer, a Cast Member at Disneyland Paris or Holiday Resort Entertainer. My life goal is to perform on stage in the West End one day, I’d even push it to winning a prestigious Olivier award. Go hard or go home kids. I’d absolutely love to be a talent agent if performing didn’t work out for me, it’s something I think I’d be pretty damn good at and nothing would make me happier than making people’s dreams come true. I’d want to run a successful agency which focuses on graduates from universities and not drama school courses, I think a lot of talent gets missed during auditions and just because you don’t have that drama school credit to your name doesn’t mean you should be looked over, this is something I’m extremely passionate about and that I’ll seriously consider pursuing it one day if I get the chance.

I think that’s all for now, but if you’d like to know anything else… let me know!

Lots of Love, Soph x