West End Masterclass

I went to West End Masterclass for a year and during the time I had so many opportunities to work with industry professionals, my training there was invaluable and I learnt so much in such a short space of time. I made so many lovely and talented friends there and it was a pleasure getting to work with them every week and seeing what they’ve all gone into now.

West End Masterclass was based in the heart of London, the current home being The Umbrella Rooms on Shaftesbury Avenue, right next to Mowtown The Musical and in the heart of the Westend. So naturally being the stagey kid I am, I go for a cheeky trip to the Theatre Cafe! Forever getting a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Hot Chocolate!

The teachers are some of the best in the business, Principal and Dance Teacher of WEM is Lindsey Wise, who has been in various musicals such as Cats and Phantom of The Opera. Lindsey is an amazing dancer and teacher, she teaches fun as well as technical based dances so classes can be very challenging for me personally at the best of times. Music and Vocal Coach is Scott Harrison, not only is he Head of Singing at WEM but also Head of Singing at LAMDA, his teaching is incredibly valuable to any aspiring singer and his singing tips are some of the most helpful I’ve ever recieved since I’ve began performing. And last but not least is our Director, Michael Xavier, Michael has appeared in numerous shows and is an absolutely brilliant and very talented actor- now working on Broadway.

During my first term, the opportunities were endless, in my SECOND week at WEM, I had the chance to audition for Westend Live, this was the opportunity of the lifetime and we performed Hairspray! I had numerous classes with Industry Professionals at my audition for WEM I had Peter Polycarpou, who was the original John in Miss Saigon. In ONE term I was taught by George Ure, Laura Tyrer, Zoe Rainy, Emma Williams, Helen Siveter and Elliot Davis who all taught a range of masterclasses and gave me some key tips on the industry which you can find in my Weekly WEM’s which I blogged during my last term.

Unfortunately the trio have since split up and formed two separate companies- Michael running Musical Theatre Masterclass with plenty of industry teachers and keeping the slot at West End Live and Lindsey and Scott have formed West End MT which has amazing patrons such as Natasha Barnes and Cleve September, Lindsey also runs The London Elite Dance Company alongside West End MT.

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